(Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!)

Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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     Hello to my international friends. Today is the start of the week here in America, because yesterday was Labor Day, a national holiday. 

     I've been trying to post something every American weekday:  any normal Monday through Friday that isn't a holiday. My idea is that people get bored at work, or during their breakfast on the way to work, and they need a little something to help them along in the mornings. 

     I live to serve. 

     But some of you went in to work yesterday, sat down at your computer in Germany or India or someplace, and there was no Bernie drawing to get you through the day. Sorry about that. In the years to come I'll try to wrap my head around the idea of posting on "Holidays". 

     At least we Americans aren't given (and often don't take) very many holidays. So there really won't be THAT many interruptions to the normal weekday flow. 

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