(Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!)

Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Practical Guide to Mending Fences



     Another type of art: Fence Mending Art!

     I bought a really nice bike earlier this week from a bike shop run by two very cool guys. But later there was a little bit of a blow-up about some parts that were maybe going to be included for free, but then they weren't … and I personally didn't care about a few measly bucks but another person in my life thought that this was really important so this other person made some phone calls and people got mad. 

     Normal everyday stuff. Some people get excited and other people think it's no big deal. 

     It all got worked out in the end, but artists like me have the advantage of mending fences by giving a small gift of art that is no big deal to us (quick an easy to make) but to people who receive it, it's a really special thing. 

     So after I add some funny words to this piece, I'll put it in a frame and give it to the guys in the bike shop. In most circumstances, people really like to get an apology along with an unexpected work of art and it smoothes over any residual hurt feelings. "Wow, you're giving me this? This is really cool". 

     And then I'm back (hopefully) to having some good, bike-smart allies in the bike shop who can help me out when something comes up with my bike. 


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