(Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!)

Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Star Lighter



     In anticipation of this crazy busy week, I had a crazy busy weekend getting all of this week's daily drawings done. But now the pitch date for our show has been pushed back a bit, and our show might have enough "story meat" within it for the Great Powers to extend it from an 11 minute show to a 22 minute show -which would be FUN! …and it would also give us more time. Usually we story artists are in a mad dash to cram a whole lot of story into an 11 minute format, but now the story might actually have some room to breathe. And so might we. 

     I've been breaking in my new bike for the last two months and on Monday I broke it in a different kind of way by getting the front tire caught in an old abandoned railroad track and involuntarily launching myself up over the handlebars and onto the soft concrete below. Oof! 

     I was fine, all thanks to AWAH (Always Wear A Helmet), but coming down hard upon my shoulder [and head] has made me a bit tender this week. And It broke my really cool side mirror, so I haven't put myself out with the traffic very much since then. I'm not good at turning my head to quickly glance over my shoulder and at the same time keeping a dead straight line. I want to though, and I think I will get a new mirror at lunch time. 

*     *     O     B     A     M     A     *     *

     And, there was an election last night. 

     I don't usually type about politics (no postings, no online soap boxing). I'm not good at it, and if I can't be good at it, I don't want to put it out in front of people. I wish I was as funny as Gail Collins of the New York Times. She's about the only one who is funny and still makes interesting points. But I don't have her talent. When I try to type about politics, I tend to sound just as shrill, self-righteous and boring as everybody else out there. And there are already WAY too many of everybody else out there. 

     So let me just say that the guy I voted for won a second presidential term. And I was happy about that. But some of the California ballot initiatives that I voted for got creamed, and that made me sad (But the public school measure passed! Yay!). So a mixed bag. 

     For the next four years, I will be watching the Republican party with some fascination. My own opinion is that they have gone too far to the right to be an effective party that wins elections. But I have a hunch that a lot of their core supporters will come to the opposite conclusion: that they didn't go nearly far enough to the right and they need to purify the message and purge the party of any (remaining) moderates. Which would be really interesting to observe from afar.  

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