(Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!)

Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!

Monday, July 30, 2012

To The Rescue!



I drew this while sitting at lunch with some friends of mine. Or, at least I started it there. 


Maybe. I was listening and talking to them, as well. It wasn't like I completely checked out by putting my iPhone's earbuds into my ears. But I know that some people might take offense at my need to cram as much drawing into my day as humanly possible. 

Growing up, I was that "drawing kid". I was always doodling in class (my good lord, how school bored me to death). Some teachers really got offended by it. But the time I got to high school, the teachers liked anything that would keep the students quiet and still. 

And if the subject was interesting, I heard it all and took every single word into my heart.

This is, by almost all education research, exactly the wrong way to go about it. You're supposed to do one thing with 100% concentration. But I've always drawn while listening to the radio, or class lectures, or books on tape, or something. Even the animation studios that are well aware of this fact turn out to be deafeningly loud and distracting places to work. 

This is good if you're trying to stuff your drawing time into all the little unused corners of your busy life. Balancing your sketchbook while hurtling down the tracks at 70 miles per hour? Not a problem. 

But if I suddenly found myself in a quiet meadow, and tried to draw? 

That would totally freak me out. I wouldn't be able to stop looking around, trying to spot the monsters that were sneaking up on me. 

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