(Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!)

Bad Art Created With Cheap Office Supplies!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Air Cooled

My director at work, Rob,  has a sketchbook that he wants all of us to draw in as a keepsake for his time at Phineas and Ferb. Not that he's leaving ( I don't think so, at any rate). 

For some reason I seemed to revert to my misspent youth, and all the thousands of hours I spent drawing "cool cars", and Rat Fink type monster creatures. Which, as it turns out, are still really fun to draw.

Rob had the good sense to select some nice neutral brown paper for his sketchbook, which I'm used to. And these days I usually have my little "travel kit" of art supplies with me, since I tend to create art on the train and in Union Station.  


In other news, I went surfing this weekend. My older twin girls and I took a surfing lesson. They took one spill and they were pretty much done with it. But they loved the wetsuits, and the ability to stay cozy warm in the ocean. 

I liked the wetsuits too, and I probably would get better at surfing itself if I had a place to do it all the time (alas, we live pretty far inland). As it was, I was pretty humbled, and the ocean beat me up pretty bad. Which was still wildly fun. 

I might get myself a wetsuit and a cheap surfboard and practice getting out beyond the breakers. The thing that looks like the most fun for an old guy like me is sitting on a board out in the ocean, and not actually trying to catch waves for a thrill ride.

To my eyes, it just looks so peaceful. 

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